Neofytou Giorgos (Cyprus)

Born in Nicosia, Giorgos Neophytou studied veterinary medicine at the Karl Marx University of Leipzig (1967-1973), where he also drafted his doctoral thesis (1973-1975). He worked for 33 years in the Department of Veterinary Services, from where he retired with the rank of Director General.
Alongside his profession, he remained engaged in theatre. Apart from plays, he also wrote the scripts for the TV series Tangled (RIK 1998), Taxi Office (ANT1 2000-2001) and Trash (ANT1 2002-2003).
He has also translated plays from German into Greek.

Plays of his are translated into English, German, Polish, Czech, Bulgarian, Turkish, Tagalog (Philippines) and Russian, and have been staged in Cyprus, Greece, Germany, England, Ireland, Austria, Bulgaria, Italy, the Philippines and New York. He received the Playwriting Award at the THOC Theatre Awards 2009-2010 / 2010-2011 for his play DNA.

He was a member of the Artistic Committee (1991-1993) and Chairman of the Board of the Cyprus Theatre Organisation (2003-2006), and a member of the International Committee of the First European Playwriting Competition in Germany (1993-1994). Since 1998 he has been representing Cyprus as a proponent of plays in the Biennale "New plays for Europe," which is held in Wiesbaden, Germany.

He has been a member of the Cyprus Centre of the International Theatre Institute since 1985. He was a member of the Cyprus Centre’s Board from 1985 to 1990, and has been its president since 2011. He was also a member of the Executive Board of the International Theatre Institute.



Why is Mona Lisa Laughing? 2015

BOOM !!!, 2014

DNA, 2009

On Love and Other Matters,1998

Cyprus is Part of… ! (A theatrical game with history), 1991

Full House Meze, 1987

Manolis…! «A Dialogue», 1986

In the Kingdom of Cyprus, 1985

A Hijacking , 1984

A Sunday Sketch, 1984



Constantinou Andri H., Dramaturg, Professor Frederick University - Nicosia