Skourtis Yiorgos

Yiorgos Skourtis was born in Athens in 1940 and died in 2018.

He has written numerous plays that have been mostly staged at the Art Theatre and have been widely successful. He has written short stories, novellas, novels, scripts. He emerged in 1996 with his volume of short stories “D.S’s Journal”.

His first appearance in theatre took place in 1970 at Karolos Koun’s Art Theatre with the staging of his ground-breaking play The Nannies.

He has been the president of the Greek Union of Playwrights.

He has also worked as a director and as a translator, translating works of Aristotle and Shakespeare.



Shakespeare lives in the shelter, 2013

Nightmares, 2005

The Actors, 2005

The Thriller of Love, 1998

The K.K. Affair- The Jolt of the Labyrinth, 1993

Socrates’ Trial, 1992

The executioners, 1988

The Game, 1986

Karagiozis plays Karagiozis, 1983

Eleven One-Act plays, 1980

The Comedy of King Jugurtha, 1979

Where is the bus going?, 1978

No more phallocracy, 1977

Pieces and shivers, 1976

The noose, 1975

The bulldozer, 1975

The strike, 1975

Comedia, 1973

The Musicians, 1972

Karagiozis almost…vizier, 1972

The Nannies, 1970