Serefas Sakis

Sakis Serefas was born in Thessaloniki in 1960, where he continues to live today. He studied Medieval and Modern Greek Philology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

In 2000, he was accepted to Columbia University of New York as a Fullbright scholar, where he attended courses offered by the Department of Classical Studies, on the Modern Greek language, history and literature.

 So far, he has published 52 books consisting of poetry, prose, theatre, studies on different cities, landscapes and poets, as well as translations and anthologies.

He has written fourteen plays which have been staged at the National Theatre of Greece, the State Theatre of Northern Greece, the Athens-Epidaurus Festival, the Philippi-Kavala Festival, the Art Theatre ‘Karolos Koun’, the Peiramatiki Skini  ‘Technis’, the Tristan Bates Theatre in London with an English version of the play and elsewhere.

His play Yum-Yum (Food) won the 2007 Karolos Koun Prize for Modern Greek play awarded by the Union of Greek Critics for Drama and Music.

His play Melted Butter was one of the official proposals submitted in the 28th International Festival Sarajevo in 2012 by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and was also staged at Heidelberg Stϋckemarket (Heidelberg Market of Plays) in 2013.

His play Mission to Planet Earth was awarded with the Hellenic Ministry of Culture Prize in 2007.

His play The Road Will Take You is included in ‘The top one hundred and twenty contemporary European plays’ shortlist by the European Theatre Convention (ETC, 2010).

His book A Dinosaur on my Balcony won the Greek State Prize for Children’s Literacy in 2008. 

His book A Hole in the Water was honoured with the “Penelope Maximou” prize by the Greek IBBY (International Board of Books for Young People) in 2012.

His book Thessaloniki in direct speech (texts by Sakis Serefas, photographs from Haris Yiakoumis archive) received the Milos Prize for the best Greek photography book by the Kythira Cultural Society during the 5th Kythira Photographic Encounter and was also translated in French by Kallimages Publications.

He wrote the script for Ball-Bearing, a feature film directed by Panos Karkanevatos (2004) which was screened during the Thessaloniki International Film Festival in 2005 as well as in Marche du Film (Film Market) during the Cannes Festival in 2005.



Mr. Smith opens the door, 2019

It's snowing outdoors, 2017

Live the Doubtful Life, 2014

Aesop's Comix 2, 2014

Japan, 2014

One vermicelli is enough, 2013

Scarlet, 2013

A Dinosaur on my Balcony, 2012

Dragons, 2011

Erinya with pincers, 2011

Lives worth eating, 2010

15 minutes, 2010

What do you think, Babis?, 2010

The Road will take you, 2010

She’s single, 2009

Seminar on stupidity, 2008

Melted Butter, 2008

Mission to Planet Earth, 2007

Thessaloniki in direct speech, 2007

Yum-Yum (Food), 2006










Aesop's Comix 2, 2014

2 male - 2 female

Live the Doubtful Life!, 2014

5 male - 3 female

The Road will take you, 2010

Minimum number of actors: 4

Melted Butter, 2008

2 male – 1 female

Mission to Planet Earth, 2007

6 male- 2 female - A litle girl



Karananou Maria, Dramaturg