Katsikonouris Vassilis

Vassilis Katsikonouris lives in Athens and works as a teacher of English language in secondary schools. He has written the plays California Dreaming, Absolutely Undignified, Milk, The Missing – An Interesting Life, Harley Jacket, The Football Sweater. All of them have been staged on several theatres in Athens and all around Greece, the National Theatre of Greece and other state theatres included.

He has been awarded for his play Absolutely Undignified at the international contest of Onassi Foundation in 2001. He has also been awarded for his plays California Dreaming and The Football Sweater by the Greek Ministry of Culture. His play Milk has been distinguished as best play in several polls among viewers and critics.

Plays of his have been staged in Germany (2006, International Festival of European Playwrights, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden), in Serbia - Belgrade (2008-09-10, Belgrade Drama Theatre), in Poland – Warsaw (2009-10, Kamienica Theatre) and in Cyprus – Nicosia.

Currently, in Athens Milk is still being staged (7th year) as well as his new play She Took Her Life in Her Hands. Furthermore Milk is going to be staged as an American production in New York this year.

The film based on the play Milk (screenplay by the playwright) was released in Athens last October and is going to come out in Europe with the title Burning Heads.

Recently, his first novel, Babushka, was released by Kedros editions.


[Photo: Panagiotis Kokkalias]



Kangaroo, 2014

The Atonement. Terra Transitionis,  2010

She Took Her Life in Her Hands,  2007

The Missing -  An interesting Life, 2005

The Football Sweater, 2004

Harley Jacket, 2004

Milk, 2003

California Dreaming,  2000-01

Absolutely Undignified,  1990-91






Stivanaki Evanthia, Professor, Faculty of Theatre Studies University of Athens