Efstathiadi Maria

Maria Efstathiadi is a writer (prose, theatre) and a translator. She studied political sciences in Athens and in Paris. For many years she was the manager of publishing in "Themelio" publishing. She has worked with Athens Festival, Patras Festival, the Athens Concert Hall, the National Theatre of Northern Greece, the Orchestra of Colours and Maison Antoine Vitez. She is a member of Hellenic Authors Society and Hellenic Playwright Society. She was a member of the managing council of the National Book Centre of Greece, of the European Translating Centre and the European Cultural Centre of Delphi.

These last years she has been living in between Athens and Paris. Her writings pertain to modern literature and poetic theatre. He last novel is The Red Hotel and her last play is Privatopia. Many of her writings have been translated in many languages. Passages of her works have been published in Greek and foreign magazines, as well as in collections of works in Greece and elsewhere. In 2007 she received the Literary Translation Award, for her translation of Alain Robbe - Grillet's La Jalousie. Le fil d'Ariane, under the direction of Marion Laine, produced by Arte, is an adaptation of Almost ... Corny. Her play Disobedience was chosen by Comédie Française, Demon was presented in Festival de la Mousson d’Eté  and in Studio de la Comédie Française and Textilen in Théâtre de l'Atalante.

She has translated Marivaux, Klossowski, Satie, Michaux, Sarraute, Claus, Rodrigez, Jauffret, Melquiot, Robbe-Grillet, Kwahulé, Genet, Mallarmé, Frechette, Cormann, Lescot and others, as well as Les Remplaçantes by Dimitris Dimitriadis in French.



Privatopia, 2013

Textilen, 2012

Demon, Sostenuto assai cantabile, 2010

Intruders , 2010

The Frozen Garden, 2007

Disobedience, 2003

An angel in my way, 2002





Privatopia, 2013

7 male - 4 female, and other characters

Textilen, 2012

3 male - 6 female

Demon, 2010

1 female or 1 male - 2 female

Intruders, 2010

6 male - 6 female

Disobedience, 2003

1 male – 1 female

An Angel in my Way, 2002

1 female - 1 pianist



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