Rosebud, 2011

1 female

Maria Papalexi

A small rose lives in a beautiful garden, in the lap of its mother, the rosebush. It does not, however, like the fact that it is a rose. It would prefer to be a bird and be able to fly in the sky, or even an animal that could run and get to know other places. While the little rose cannot move, it gets to meet several creatures that come close to it – either by chance or on purpose – and learn about the world through its communication with them; sometimes it is pleasant and playful, others unpleasant, and in certain cases  really dangerous. A horrified mouse eludes the cat that pursues it thanks to the small rosebud’s help, which lends the mouse its scent. A girl admiring the little rose attempts to cut it and take it with her, but is pricked and  her fingers bleed. A wandering nightingale decides to build its nest next to the small bud, to be inspired by its beauty and aroma and sing even more sweet. A swarm of bees skirt the rosebud to take its pollen and make mellow and nutritious honey. When a devious lady attempts to sprinkle the rose with pesticide, the bees help it avoid the poison, thus saving their own lives as well...

[Theatre for preschoolers]


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Rosebud, 2011

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Maria Papalexi is a dramaturg with experience in speech therapy and dramatic play and, since 2008, she has been involved in this unique form of the...