A Mad Mad Apartment Building, 1981

21 [Minimum number of actors: 6]

Yiannis Χanthoulis

Mr OilPaint, a great painter, who lives in a boring block of flats in Little Aubergine Street, decides to give joy and life to his building with his paintbrushes and his magical crazy paint. His boring apartment building transforms and a lot of strange things happen: on the top floor it is snowing; on the third floor the wind is always blowing; on the second floor the plants become a jungle; the elevator claims its rights; garbage arrest the cleaning lady; the flower pot at the entrance of the building blossoms ice creams… Mr Richter, who makes the earth tremble, pays a visit to the building that shakes everything up. As a result the crazy paint is spilt and everything turns back to normal….. but nobody wants anymore things to be as they used to.


Teacher in the Water, 1983

15 [Minumum number of actors: 9]

A Mad Mad Apartment Building, 1981

21 [Minimum number of actors: 6]

Climb on the Roof So We Can Eat the Cloud, 1980

19 [Minimum number of actors: 6]

Drum, Trumpet and Red Bonbons, 1979

24 [Minimum number of actors: 7]

The Magician with the Colors, 1978

29 [Minimum number of actors: 7]



[Translation: Elina Palaska]


Yiannis Xanthouli...