Teacher in the Water, 1983

15 [Minumum number of actors: 9]

Yiannis Χanthoulis

Alice, a young girl, goes on holidays but her ship, Bubble, sinks. A dolphin saves Alice and helps her survive in the magic and unknown world of the sea bottom. She confronts Octopus-leg, the General of the sea bottom, the Jellyfish and other fish that imprison her, because they know people are hostile towards nature. Aiming to gain their favor, she becomes their teacher and teaches them how people think, talk and behave. She also talks to them about one of the most important things in the world: love. When a black spill threatens life in the sea bottom, Alice with the help of Immediate Action Wave comes up against it and saves her new friends. They, in exchange, give her what she mostly wishes: her return home.



Teacher in the Water, 1983

15 [Minumum number of actors: 9]

A Mad Mad Apartment Building, 1981

21 [Minimum number of actors: 6]

Climb on the Roof So We Can Eat the Cloud, 1980

19 [Minimum number of actors: 6]

Drum, Trumpet and Red Bonbons, 1979

24 [Minimum number of actors: 7]

The Magician with the Colors, 1978

29 [Minimum number of actors: 7]



[Translation: Elina Palaska]


Yiannis Xanthouli...