Walking in the Forest, 1992

Minimum number of actors: 6

Stella Michailidou

A girl answers a questionnaire of a well known magazine with the title: “Do you want to know who you really are?”. She finds out that she is Little Red Riding Hood. In this play, Little Red Riding Hood lives with her three sisters and her step mother who claim they come from Cinderella. In order to get away from their mistreatment, she leaves her house and sets off on an adventurous wandering that will lead her to discover who she really is. On her way, she will meet Little Thom Thumb, a bad Queen who wants to give her to eat a poisoned apple, a Frog that tries to convince her that if she kisses him, he will become a prince and three rangers who imprison her. Her journey will be adventuroous and full of dangers till the moment she will be back in her own world with her little basket and the wolf waiting for her.



Menios, the Spoilt Donkey, 2007

Minimum number of actors: 4

Tzitzimitsihotziria, 2005

Minimum number of actors: 7

Ro’s Dream, 1997

Minimum number of actors: 8

Walking in the Forest, 1992

Minimum number of actors: 6

Isadora Duck, 2017

10 actors/dancers




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