Menios, the Spoilt Donkey, 2007

Minimum number of actors: 4

Stella Michailidou

Menios, a spoilt donkey, is brought up in a totally wrong way by his mother, who shows him unconditioned love, offers him every comfort in life and forgives all his mischiefs. Menios gradually gets isolated and becomes idle. His mother suffers from his violent outbursts. When Menios expresses the wish to meet the world, his mother leaves her job, sells all her belongings and follows him to different European countries and to America.  As time passes by, his mother’s money finish and they come back to their hometown, poor and isolated. Menios is a young man  but his mother is old and weary. Menios begins to understand his own mistakes as well as his mother’s. He goes through difficult moments, but his good fairy helps him; she encourages him, she gives him back his lost self-confidence and helps him step towards his adulthood. 


Menios, the Spoilt Donkey, 2007

Minimum number of actors: 4

Tzitzimitsihotziria, 2005

Minimum number of actors: 7

Ro’s Dream, 1997

Minimum number of actors: 8

Walking in the Forest, 1992

Minimum number of actors: 6

Isadora Duck, 2017

10 actors/dancers




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