Foreigners, 1998

6 male - 4 female

Panagiotis Mentis

In this play, a family history with two women as the main characters unfolds. The first one, Mrs. Beth (Elizabeth), is an immigrant hailing from Greece who came to America after marrying an Irish Sergeant of the American fleet, just after the end of World War II and the Greek civil war. The second woman is Katia, a Russian girl who came to America after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, through a marriage agency that traffics girls as either brides or prostitutes.

A mother of four boys who attempt to become integrated into the American society and put down roots, Mrs. Beth will appear at a critical moment in Katia’s life; she will fight and even risk hatred among her boys in order to defend the dignity of a young woman whose uprooting has a lot in common with her own.

This is a story that explores the scars and wounds of immigration, when they have seemingly given their position to a perceived integration and acceptance in a new society.


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[Translation Elena Delliou]


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