Away, 2003

3 male -1 female

Panagiotis Mentis

In the best or worst time of their personal lives and their careers, two men undertake a case work. On official business, they will find themselves 'off-site', in a small provincial town. To kill their boredom – or to take revenge against anything that has shaken their self-confidence and self-esteem –, they will play a game to an unsuspecting girl who will trust them.

Meanwhile, in a showdown, these two will wildly and cunningly undermine each other, until their final annihilation.

Their young and ambitious employee, who is also and excellent student, is observing them. Even though he abhors both his superiors and himself, he will join their game and outwit them.

Using the fact that they are away from home as an excuse – and feeling safe because of this –, they set up a miniature of the savagery and cannibalism of the modern digitalized society and eGovernment.

Everything can be hidden or become public with the use of a program. The victims are data, identified as consumable. It has no significance if these consumables are actually people. So long as something is specified as expendable, recycling is due to swallow it.


Away, 2003

3 male -1 female

Women at Sea, 2002

3 male - 2 female

National Gallery, 2000

5 male - 4 female (5 actors)

Foreigners, 1998

6 male - 4 female

La Cumparsita, 1997

1 male - 1 female

Reality and Show, 1996

3 male - 4 female

Anna, I Said!, 1992

3 male - 4 female

Playmobil, 1989

6 male - 1 female



[Translation Elena Delliou]


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