The arrow that does not scathe, 2006

Vassilis Mavrogeorgiou

In a poor kingdom the king and his two consultants -inseparable friends and former brave bowmen- seek the solution to save the kingdom and its' people from hunger and impoverishment. They decide to spread a rumor that there is a dragon in the kingdom, hoping to attract foreigners in the country and economic profits.  When one of the consultants is opposed to this lie, the relationship of the three is tested. The remaining two are determined to set their plan in motion, so they imprison him. Where will their greed lead them?


Concrete Beach, 2013

4 women, 14 men, 2 mice, 1 mirror, 1 car, 1 computer and characters who only appear on video art: 1 woman, 5 men, a fireplace, Advertisement, the Elevator

The king's secret, 2012

2 men - 3 women

A massive explosion, 2011

13 men, 13 women, neighbors' chorus, a sheep

Violence lessons - Just the truth II, 2007

6 men, 6 women, 1 monster, the Devil

Cockroach, 2004

2 minimum



[Translation: Elina Palaska]

Vassilis Mavrogeorgiou's dramaturgy has a very clear and basic theme: the ind...