Homemade Paradise, 2019

4 male - 2 female

Delina Vasiliadi

Four totally different people (age, upbringing, mentality, ideas and beliefs), Helen, Marcella, Andrew and Nick meet unexpectedly at a house that looks like a palace, where all wishes, as far as consumer goods are concerned, are met instantly. One could argue that this is Heaven! It’s Paradise! And for some, it is. But! From this Paradise nobody can escape, no one can leave. In this place there is no music, there are no books, no windows, no animals-except flies. The old friends and the loved ones aren’t there. These four people are, in fact, all alone! Trapped in this Paradise. And the only thing for them left to do is talk. So, they talk. They talk without listening to anyone else most of the time. They talk to understand, to remember, to feel! Time has lost its meaning. The past is long gone and the future is uncertain. If anything is real, that is the present... It’s here, it’s now.

Time… The fifth protagonist. Time doesn’t wait on anyone. Time keeps moving forward without fear, hope or desire. Time moves forward and we move along with it! Whether we want it or not! The heroes from “Paradise” are trying to understand the importance of time through their words. They are trying to figure out what went wrong –if anything in fact did go wrong- with their past lives and why. Although they are fully aware that nothing can change now… and no mistake can be corrected anymore!

What is important for all of us to understand is the human mortality and the human nature and act upon that. We must try to realize who we are while we still can, where we are, where we go and what we want. We must try to comprehend what is truly important, good and true before it’s too late.

As Andrew from “Paradise” says… “Live the present, my son, but never let your memories be lost!”

In 2020 the play Homemade Paradise was published in Greece by the Kapa Publishing House.



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