Bound, 2015

2 male - 2 female

Natassa Sideri

A friend borrows money from a friend to pay his mortgage. The lender, Callios, insists that his friend should not feel indebted. The debtor, Nephos, insists that he wants to show his gratitude in practice. Callios happens to have some renovation work that needs doing. Nephos happens to think this an excellent idea.

Where does a debt begin and where does it end? And when, exactly, does this happen? At the moment of taking up a loan? Of the initial transaction? Or maybe, even earlier, at the very moment one is born into a community?


Common Good, 2017

1 male - 1 female

Bound, 2015

2 male - 2 female

Battle of Titans, 2015

3 male - 2 female

The Island of Immortality, 2014

16 male - 9 female (5 actors/actresses)

On the Bridge, 2013

2 male - 4 female