Motherland, 2017

2 male

Theodore Tsapakidis

It is a few days before New Year’s. Just like every afternoon, a grandson types the memoirs of his grandfather. After many months, the day arrives when they are about to finish. The old man seeks for vindication. The deep wounds of two world wars and one polarising civil war are not healed just yet. The grandson however is sarcastic; he doubts and constantly comments his grandfather. A loving relationship, with tenderness, irritation, patience and tension becomes the background to an ending life; that of the grandson’s mother. Being hospitalised for a serious illness, she is getting closer and closer to death

There comes the time that the grandson has to go to the hospital to see his moribund mother, but his grandfather won’t let him. He won’t let the drama of the family ruin his grandson's life. He keeps him close, so that they can both cope with it, and get over their nightmares. Through the written record of a cruel past, they detect the anger in the present, the memories, the burden that History carries, the obsessions, the side-effects and the traces that others’ choices can cause, and a road to mental liberation appears. They meet inside the loss, past or future and they organise the forthcoming “departure” of the mother, the farewell table and the clothes for the long journey…

Through all these difficult times, there is always a grandfather inside us, who can see things in their true dimensions and put them together again.



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6 male - 3 female

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1 male - 1 female

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