In between Lives, 2013

12-15 ensemble

Natalie Katsou

A young girl, Persephone, plays in the meadow with her friends after school, when Hades, the leader of a teen gang, falls in love with her. He decides to kidnap her, with the help of the Boatman, leading her to the Underworld, under the city. Persephone cannot remember anything, apart from a nursery rhyme that she keeps repeating. She doesn’t recognise anything either, she feels cold and lonely. At first, Hades’ romantic attempts to please her seem ridiculous, but gradually, Persephone gets charmed. She starts enjoying the company of the gang, with their songs and dances, and she accepts the title of the Queen of the Underworld. Meanwhile, her mother, goddess Demeter, is looking for her. She asks Hecate for advice and she turns to the king of Macedonia for help. When she finally reaches the Underworld, Hades is not keen on giving up on his Queen. The quarrel is resolved by Zeus, who appears and brings justice: Persephone will be spending six months on Earth with her mother, and six months in the Underworld.

Original text in English. A commission for Arcola Youth Theatre, London, 2013.

Inspired by the myth of Persephone. 

The original production included original music composed by Andrei Ionescu and chorals using poems by William Wordworth, sung by the ensemble.



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