Miss Chaos, 2019

1 female and voice over

Despina Kalaitzidou

Every morning Anna was getting up, she was making her bed carefully, as if someone was looking at her. She was going to her work and she was coming back always on time. When she was young she had some trouble but all this was just past. Now, she was living a quiet, lonely life; choice or not. Suddenly future becomes uncertain. A letter will tell her whether she will survive or not. How can she deal with that? Is anybody else interested on that?


Miss Chaos, 2019

1 female and voice over

The Burning Ones, 2010

4 male - 5 female

My Left Breast, 2006

4 male - 3 female


The Burning Ones

The Burning Ones. Through its very title, dramatic and prophetic at the same time, Kalaitzidou’s award-receiving play brings together the ...