Swan Lake: The legend, 2017

4 male - 5 female

Peny Fylaktaki

(based on Tchaikovsky’s four act ballet)
The people of the Kingdom ruled by William and Ella is happily waiting for Her Majesty’s baby to be born. Yet, the king’s counselor and evil sorcerer Rothbart has decided to cut the thread of the baby’s life short, because according to old prophecies, this child will start the Era of Goodness for 1,000 years. When the baby is first taken out in the fresh air near the lake, Rothbart puts the Queen and her escorts to sleep and tries to put a deadly spell on newborn Odet, but Fate steps in at the very last moment and saves her. She transforms Odet into a swan which will live in the lake forever and only when the sun sets, she will return to her human form. This spell will be broken only when someone loves her with a love greater than his own life. The palace mourns for Odet’s disappearance and government duties are slowly passed on to belligerent Rothbart. Very soon war breaks out, William is killed in the battlefield and the people suffer from hunger. Twenty years later, Prince Zigfried is forced to ask Rothbart for peace, and during his short visit to the country he meets Odet at night in her human form and falls in love with her, but loses her suddenly at dawn break. The peace ball in the palace is actually Zigfried’s way of searching for his beloved lady of the lake, yet on the night of the ball Rothbart transforms his ugly, mean daughter Odil into Odet, and manages to fool the Prince. Flapping of swan wings on the palace window glasses makes everyone feel uneasy, and as the sun is setting, a majestic swan  turns into princess Odet. Rothbart throws a death spell on her, but Ella gets in the way: she has recognized her daughter and sacrifices her life for her, breaking the swan spell forever. Fake Odet becomes ugly Odil again, while Zigfried starts a duel with Rothbart and kills him. The royal couple gets married and the New Era of Goodness starts for 1,000 years. Odet gives to her own baby the name of her mother, a mother she hardly ever knew, a mother brought her to life twice.




Aspects of Peny Fylaktaki’s theatre

MAN We lost.

WOMAN  Friendly game?


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