Uncle Yannis, 2017

4 male - 2 female, 1 cat

Antonis (Cyprus) Georgiou

The play has a contemporary setting. It starts off with a birthday surprise party organised for Alexandros by his friends, Irene, Mary and Costas. In the process, Erotocritos, Alexandros’s cat, goes missing, which leads to the involvement of the building’s latest tenant, young Yiorgos, who finds the cat and returns it. Both Alexandros and Irene are charmed by Yiorgos. The young man’s presence will prove crucial in the resetting of the two close friends’ relationship.

Uncle Yiannis appears in the final act.



The Disease, 2008

1 male - 1 female

Uncle Yannis, 2017

4 male - 2 female, 1 cat

La Belote, 2012

5 male - 1 female



From 2005, when Antonis Georgiou made his debut (with his play My Beloved Washing Machine) until the beginning of 2019, when this text was...