At the outpost, 2014

2 male

Antonis (Cyprus) Georgiou

Two men, Alpha and Omega, are posted in their guardhouse, for years expecting the enemies. Omega doubts the enemies’ existence. A weird type of dust coming form the enemies’ side will mobilise them, while later on they will be ordered to remain in constant alert and briefing regarding oncoming reinforcements. It looks like the enemies are on the move.  A new order is issued, for Omega specifically: to surrender his gun and move away, as he is now discharged. Omega refuses to relent.


- Turkish (Voula Charana) entitled Karakolda 
- English (Milto Agathangelou, Andria Athanasiou, Christina Giannapi, Rafaela Dafnidou edited by Vasso Giannakopoulou) 


The Disease, 2008

1 male - 1 female

Uncle Yannis, 2017

4 male - 2 female, 1 cat

La Belote, 2012

5 male - 1 female



From 2005, when Antonis Georgiou made his debut (with his play My Beloved Washing Machine) until the beginning of 2019, when this text was...