4EVER, 1999

1 man - 1 woman

Yiorgos Iliopoulos

A couple of successful architects -Dimitra and Andreas- find themselves on a summer's Saturday night in an Aegean island. They are invited by the owner of the hotel they are to renovate.

This night is very important to them, as it is supposed to determine whether they will get the job or not. The reason why they do not already know, is because the conservative hotel owner is spooked by Andreas' designs.

These designs are a source of disagreement for the couple, as Dimitra believes they do not follow the line of work they have agreed to. On the same night, right after the presentation of the designs, Andreas asks Dimitra to break up, as he is not linger in love with her.

Dimitra seems to get past the shock of this revelation, however the night turns into a rough quarrel. Thoughts, repressed feelings, wounds and the darkness of an 18 year-old relationship comes to light. The teenage love, that was sworn to last 4ever turns into hatred. Barriers are broken, and logic is lost.


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