The Daughters, 2017

2 female, Chorus (15members), 1 musician

Glikeria Basdeki

Bijoux de kant opens the footlocker of the poetic dowry of the city of Athens to lay it upon its bridal bed. Lord Byron and Palamas change their clothes, throw away ancestral costumes, capes and hats, to meet Lena Platonos’ ‘black beauty’ and Aslanoglou’s modern buildings. Through Noula’s and Nana’s game, poems about Athens turn into the magical master key of a new freedom, of a new wandering poetry that discovers the city to which it belongs anew. Bijoux de kant narrates music, places, and words of this ancient infant. The past that continues to influence the present and the new that negates the lasting influence narrate and give promises. A hearing of rehabilitation, in search of a new condition of freedom for Athens which is a representation of all of us.


Translated by Evangelia Toliou


Glikeria Basdeki’s Theatre

Translation: Vasiliki Misiou

I scribble down my own, hasty notes in the margin of the curriculum vitae of Glikeria Basdeki: