Of the Son and the Saint, 2011

8 male - 1 female

Constantine Constantopoulos

The absence of his father urges Thomas to continue the journey to self-awareness. In his effort to understand, gain awareness, and eventually reinvent himself, Thomas becomes his own creator, and with art as his vehicle—himself an actor, director and instructor—sets out to decipher life.

Through his roles and with the help of his inner and superior self, he meets onstage with his Teacher, in a last attempt to reassemble the "broken forms in the mirror.”

He starts his dance at the margins of Being, overseeing Existence. His dance is protest, glory and revelation.

The moon will make the invisible visible, and thereby contribute to the onstage manifestation of the hidden, to the "revelation" of life itself.
 A journey from total black to blinding white, from darkness to light, from division to connection and ...  the single!



The Spirit in Spirit, 2012

3 male - 1 female, video and voices

Of the Son and the Saint, 2011

8 male - 1 female

MantyMEDEA, 2017

1 male - 1 female (and filmed parts)



Translation: Elena Delliou

 “The Screaming Silence of No’s Knife in Yes’s Wound”
 Samuel Beckett