STELLA Travel: “The Recited Land”, 2013

3 male – 2 female

Glikeria Basdeki

Based on Michael Cacoyannis’s film “STELLA”.

An ethographic thriller. A tragedy. The meager evidence of God’s non-existence. A comment on beauty. A comment on sin. An erotic story. An endeavor to prove that the year 1955 has never existed. An intolerable nostalgia for the city of Volos. A journey. No journey. All of those and none of them.

The play is based on the film Stella and aims at reestablishing in today’s world the mythical character which identified with Melina Merkouri’s acting. In the play Stella Travel, there are just three characters and the central heroine talks constantly about a journey. A journey that she doesn’t know if she really wants to take.

STELLA in the slaughterhouse recites her life on a bloody stage, trying to find her voice or what she thinks of as a voice. In “the recited land”, everything is allowed. The characters, the time and the place are intertwined. The new Stella suffers. She suffers by an intolerable nostalgia, by both desire and loss, by a wound and a miracle.


Glikeria Basdeki’s Theatre

Translation: Vasiliki Misiou

I scribble down my own, hasty notes in the margin of the curriculum vitae of Glikeria Basdeki: