Angry Flowers, 2009

1 man - 2 women

Melina (Cyprus) Papageorgiou

An elderly refugee couple enter their new home, the house given to them in a refugee housing development.

The expectations for a decent life in their temporary home, until they return to theirs, are soon lost. The unfamiliar surroundings, the "strangers" who live around them, the age problems are beginning to choke them, especially the Woman who feels powerless to cope, who feels humiliated. She’s too old to start from scratch. Consolation is found in memories and hope is found in the daughter. A daughter, however, absent, struggling to survive with her child in a troubled marriage.

The end comes quickly. The only solution is the institution for the elderly. They are ready to leave the house they never felt like home. At that moment a new woman appears. In her face the heroine sees the daughter coming to save them. However...


Angry Flowers, 2009

1 man - 2 women

Mezzanine, 2013

5 male - 1 female



Four different need and dependence stories. Six characters who are met or lost. Someone desperately looking for companionship, another for a second...