Gogo, 2013

1 female - 1 male (silent)

Eleni Gassouka

The protagonist of the play - a middle-aged, bourgeois woman named Gogo – is the victim of a road accident on a cliff by the sea, at Athens’ seaside highway. The car becomes a heap of smashed-up iron, and she remains there trapped, mired up to her waist in debris, waiting for some help to come since her cell phone has been damaged. Her only companion is the car radio, which still works. A radio producer and the contemporary philosopher Stelios Ramphos partake in her drama through the radio. The appearance of an owl – a symbol of wisdom – brings to the surface the ridiculousness of the situation, through a delusional discourse that reveals the ultimate fate. Inspired by Samuel Beckett’s Happy Days, the play satirizes and highlights man’s entrapment, loneliness, exclusion, and despair; the "luxury" of consulting a psychiatrist, depression as a disease of modern societies, and the lack of communication in a world that constantly imprisons countless people like the heroine of the play.



Hairspin, 2008

3 male - 4 female

God’s Poor Creature, 2012

2 male - 3 female - 1 silent role

Gogo, 2013

1 female - 1 male (silent)

Shut Up, 2016

4 male - 4 female




Translation: Elena Deliou

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