God’s Poor Creature, 2012

2 male - 3 female - 1 silent role

Eleni Gassouka

In God’s Poor Creature the playwright returns almost obsessively to her favorite theme, the modern Greek family, and presents a touching comedy about coexistence, cohabitation, and acceptance, in today's troubled times of alienation and fear. Despina is an actor but can not find work anywhere, although she constantly goes to auditions. Her husband Sifis faces many health problems and is incredibly jealous of her. Antigone, an old protagonist of the theater, wants to see Despina succeed at all costs. Orestes, Antigone’s disowned son, ceaselessly begs for her love. A world monk, pulled out of a book. The mute author of the play attempts to write it while it is being performed, facing terrible difficulties because the characters she created constantly take initiatives without her approval. These are the characters of the play, who all struggle to find the truth through extreme situations, and help the author proceed with the writing of the play.


Hairspin, 2008

3 male - 4 female

God’s Poor Creature, 2012

2 male - 3 female - 1 silent role

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1 female - 1 male (silent)

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4 male - 4 female




Translation: Elena Deliou

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