A Hijacking, 1984

5 male - 6 female

Giorgos (Cyprus) Neofytou


The upstart family of a contractor who became rich by building refugee settlements, for which tenders are awarded through suspicious processes.

The play is structured around problems that occur during the preparations for the daughter’s wedding: on the eve of the social event, hijackers take charge of the plane with which aunt Zannet is returning from Paris, bringing with her the very expensive wedding dress that was bought there.

This unexpected development sparks clashes, revealing through comic situations how superficial the relationships between the members of this family really are, as well their moral priorities. An additional result is the following: this incident so upsets the family that none of them acknowledges the presence of the groom’s grandparents, who overcame many obstacles to come from the occupied territory for their grandson's wedding. The silent and "invisible" presence of the elderly pair who is trapped and represents the country’s raw pain renders this play a bitter comedy.

The work ends on a happy note; as the family crisis culminates, accusations are leveled and the daughter kicks the groom out and threatens to commit suicide, Zannet appears like another deus ex machina. The wedding dress that became the stumbling block to the wedding arrives on time and intact, as by sheer luck the aunt had taken an earlier flight. Like by magic, all the conflicts are forgotten –  no one is longer interested in the hijacking – the preparations for the wedding resume immediately, while the father learns that he got the big job – contracting a refugee settlement – that he was anxious about throughout the play.



[Translation: Elena Delliou]


Giorgos Neophytou is an evidently a political playwright. The ...