A Sunday Sketch, 1984

3 female

Giorgos (Cyprus) Neofytou

The play comments on CyBC’s weekly radio show “Cypriotic sketch,” which has been broadcasted non-stop since the beginning of broadcasting in Cyprus.  It is a kind of soap opera, trapped in stereotypical themes and codes.

 In the play – as opposed to the moralizing stereotypes, the improbabilities and didactic character of the radio show it refers to – different views on the contemporary political and social situation are heard.

These opinions are expressed on the one hand by the two women who live in the nursing home, and on the other by their visitor – mouthpiece of the pragmatic or cynical political views of her "masters." Having the mother of a missing person (a bedridden roommate of the elderly women) in the room, the work touches on a topic that was considered taboo in the 1980s: the possibility that the people who went missing after the invasion in Cyprus are not alive.

Following the final clash of the women, the play ends as it started, with the radio now broadcasting messages to the enclaves.



[Translation: Elena Delliou]


Giorgos Neophytou is an evidently a political playwright. The ...