1843, 1990

2 male - 2 female

Andreas Staikos

In 1843, two women, Manto, a widow of a French Count, and Olga, an actress, travel from Paris to Greece in order to participate in the inauguration of the newly founded theatre of Ermoupolis in Syros. When they arrive there, they encounter two old friends, Costakis Lappas and Panagiotis Argyropoulos. Until then, the two men were presumed to be dead, killed in the battle of Dragatsani. The truth is that one of them resumed the identity of another friend who was actually killed in battle and the other was now involved with textile merchandising. They all were members of the Greek theatre troupe in Bucharest, whose actions ceased with the declaration of the Greek Revolution in 1821 and whose key priority was the awakening of the enslaved Greek people. Now, in Syros, they attempt to perform a play called Sacrifice, a patriotic, theatrical work that they didn’t have time to perform back in Bucharest.



1843, 1990

2 male - 2 female

Karakoroum, 1988

1 male - 2 female

Akolastes Esperides, 2003

1 woman (Monologue)

Napoleontia, 2007

2 male - 3 female



The light theatricality as recreational anguish


Andreas Staikos’ work echoes as a very personal, special and...