We Lost our Aunt, Stop!, 1975

4 male - female

Yiorgos Dialegmenos

Thanassis and Urania, a couple living in a slum of Athens during the 1950s, share a small house with their bedridden aunt. He is a tank truck driver who is constantly whining. She buys naughty lingerie from the Dealer and pays him in kind. They wish for the aunt’s imminent death and are looking forward to the small inheritance they will receive. When their aunt dies of carelessness they mourn over the coffin in a state of bereavement and shock, only to arrive in an apocalyptic fight.


Mommy Mother Mom, 1979

2 male - 3 female

Bella Venezia, 2005

5 male - 4 female

I Kiss your Face, 1985

4 male - 4 female

Don't Listen to the Rain, 1989

2 male - 1 female

Because of the Face, 1993

3 male - 3 female

The Night of the Owl, 1998

5 male - 5 female



[Translation: Elena Delliou]


Yiorgos Dialegmenos’ theatre is an individual’s attempt...