Diamonds and Blues, 1990

3 male – 4 female

Loula Anagnostaki

Anna has always been a woman with a strong personality. She is acutely aware of where she was led by her choices. In the midst of the memories and questions concerning her past and her choices, she recalls the memory of a young teenage boy who waited for her to show up on their date in vain, while she never explained to him the reason why she never showed up. The boy’s response to her absence was a letter and a poem. Years later, Anna’s daughter and her friends are struggling to find the lyrics to a song, in order to participate in a jazz festival. Anna presents them with the poem and waits at her home for them, in order to rehearse the song. 


The Parade, 1965

1 male – 1 female

The city, 1965

2 male – 1 female

Antonio or The Message, 1972

4 male – 4 female

The Cassette, 1982

4 male – 4 female

The Sound of the Gun, 1987

3 male – 3 female

Diamonds and Blues, 1990

3 male – 4 female

Deep Red Sky, 1997

1 female (Monologue)

The Victory, 1978

7 male – 5 female (minimum number of actors: 5 male – 3 female)

The Journey Away, 1995

1 male – 3 female

The Overnight Stay, 1965

1 male – 2 female

The Interaction, 1967

4 male – 4 female



Loula Anagnostaki’s work constitutes a series of heroic chants towards the exit, a series of humble hymns to freedom. The focus of her playwriting ...