Beauty and the Beast, 1994

3 men - 4 women

Xenia Kalogeropoulou

..or how Anna wore three dresses and got into the secret chambers

The great lord Cornelius, who has three daughters, has invested all his fortune on the cargo of three ships. Pirates steal the cargo and Cornelius is left very poor with three daughters at the age of marriage. With the help of a sailor, he sets on a quest to discover the lost cargo but with no success. He ends up at a haunted castle. The beast that lives there knows his story and offers him a chest full of gold coins. Cornelius accepts the chest, but before he leaves, he cuts a white rose to take back to Anna, his youngest daughter. The beast finds out, considers it utterly disrespectful and threatens to kill him unless one of his daughters accepts to live with him in the castle. Beautiful Anna sacrifices herself to save her father and stays with the beast in the castle. Her first hostile attitude changes for, as time goes by, she gets to know better the beast and everything kept hidden in the secret chambers of its soul. When the beast releases her, Anna realises that she cannot live away from it and comes back to the beast where a great surprise awaits her.

The play has been written in collaboration with Thomas Moschopoulos



Ulyssindbad (Odyssevach), 1981

27 (4 women, 23 men) [Minimum number of actors: 7]

Bess (Eliza), 1989

33 (1 woman, 32 men) [Minimun number of actors: 12]

Beauty and the Beast, 1994

3 men - 4 women

The King Stag, 2003

8 men - 3 women

Sklavi (The Son of The Slave), 2000

24 [Minimum number of actors: 13]

The Noah Family, 1996

4 men - 3 women - 1 woman or man



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