Bess (Eliza), 1989

33 (1 woman, 32 men) [Minimun number of actors: 12]

Xenia Kalogeropoulou

...or how a girl along with three friends and a parrot charters a ship to find the man she loves


A play based on Thomas Heywood's Fair Maid of the West.

Back in the 1600’s, at Plymouth, Eliza, a beautiful and stubborn young girl, loves a young sailor, Patrick. She is a clever and hardworking girl and with his help she manages to open her own pub at the harbor of Plymouth while he is away. But, time goes by and Patrick does not come back. One day she receives news that Patrick is dead. Eliza does not believe the sad news. She gets dressed as a captain, charters her own ship and along with her friends and a parrot she sets sail on a journey to find the man she loves. She faces a lot of hardships; she goes through many adventures, battles and sword fights and finally, she manages, as a slave in the palace of the king Azelah, to meet again with Patrick. In the end, love will triumph.


Ulyssindbad (Odyssevach), 1981

27 (4 women, 23 men) [Minimum number of actors: 7]

Bess (Eliza), 1989

33 (1 woman, 32 men) [Minimun number of actors: 12]

Beauty and the Beast, 1994

3 men - 4 women

The King Stag, 2003

8 men - 3 women

Sklavi (The Son of The Slave), 2000

24 [Minimum number of actors: 13]

The Noah Family, 1996

4 men - 3 women - 1 woman or man



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