Mission to Planet Earth, 2007

6 male- 2 female - A litle girl

Sakis Serefas

Two creatures, He and She, arrive on planet Earth - the world of humans, from an unknown place. They drive a car, observe the dead dogs that were hit by cars on the streets, they buy a big fish, go to the theatre, visit a playground and a graveyard, take a walk in the countryside, talk with a beggar, they attempt to create a memory of their own and organize a carnivorous, farewell dinner.

And they do all this, because they have a very important mission on planet Earth, the place where everything and everyone is expendable.

I want to be a part of a certain story, like all humans do. Everyone is a part of a certain story. They find one and become a part of it. And, just like that, everyone knows and can tell stories about each other. It doesn’t feel good, being left outside of their stories.

A sarcastic outlook on the merciless reality of Earth, the play has been awarded the Hellenic Ministry of Culture prize in 2007.


Mission to Planet Earth, 2007

6 male- 2 female - A litle girl

The Road will take you, 2010

Minimum number of actors: 4

Melted Butter, 2008

2 male – 1 female

Aesop's Comix 2, 2014

2 male - 2 female

Live the Doubtful Life!, 2014

5 male - 3 female



Translation: Katerina Gournaropoulou

Sakis Serefas is undoubtedly a leading figure in the litera...