The Great Game, 2000

2 male - 3 female

Lia Vitali

Five young people are tangled in the gears of a promotional game, organized by a multinational company; locked up in a luxury hotel room, these people fight for the victory and the prize. With the score of the game ever-changing and with different people qualifying each time, our heroes are driven to their limits by the stiff competition and fear of failure. Meanwhile, the fifth person exploits these extreme situations, offering them as prey to the voracious Media.

How long will the two heroes’ love last under these circumstances? To what degree is real human contact possible in today’s world? When the moment of reckoning comes, the punishment will be even tougher than the actions that took place, for it will have been chosen and executed by the winner himself.




Zeibekiko, 2012

1 male - 2 female

Rock Story, 2008

2 male - 5 female [minimum number of actors 2 male - 3 female]

Addio del Passato, 2005

2 female (and 1 mute girl)

Beasts in the Warehouse, 2002

2 male - 1 female

The Great Game, 2000

2 male - 3 female

Dinner, 1998

4 male - 3 female

Roast Beef, 1994

2 male - 2 female (and a mute woman)

Gin Fizz, 1990

2 male - 2 female

Night in the Highway, 2014

1 male - 2 female