The Knight of Love, 2002

18 characters

Maya Delivoria

“The Knight of Love” is based on a folk legend from Granada, during the time that the city was conquered by the Arabs. Achmed lives on a tower, where he is confined by his father. The reason behind his confinement is because his father is afraid of the verification of a prophecy, which was declared when Achmed was born and foresaw that Achmed will come to danger under the sorrow of love.

Achmed is growing up away from women, with the sole company of his teacher, who teaches him the language of birds and his childhood friend, while the King directly follows the orders indicated to him by the stars and his privileged astrologist.

All this, until Isavella, the daughter of the astrologist, visits the tower. Sharing common experiences, Achmed and Isavella fall in love. Eventually, however, Isavella decides to leave and live her life away from prophecies, stars and her father. Achmed then, comes to the realization that life is not worth anything without love and that nothing can ever be achieved without taking risks and putting yourself in danger and decides to leave the tower and find her.

Achmed takes a parrot and an owl with him. The two birds will help him answer the riddles of the crow in order to acquire the enchanted armor, which is hidden in a cave. They will face the Witch Owls, who will tell them where the magic carpet is hidden, he will fight for the sake of Isavella, until, eventually, his friends, the parrot and the owl will manage to deceive the King.

In the end, Achmed, Isavella and their two friends will fly away with the magic carpet, which can only fly when those who are on it are truly in love.


The ABC of Adolescence, 2008

Minimum number of actors: 4 (2 boys- 2girls)

The Knight of Love, 2002

18 characters



Maya Delivoria writes plays for children and adolescents. I don’t know if she would write for adults if she did a...