Screen Light, 2011

3 male - 2 female

Vangelis Hatziyannidis

A huge secret puts the friendship of a group of teenagers to the test, and threatens to blow up the balance of an entire school. With the click of a button everything will come to light; the screen will get on fire.

The play’s protagonists are five 16-year-old students. The mother of one of them works in a hotel, where one day she sees her son’s - female - teacher entering a room, accompanied by a younger man. Their date takes place every week at the same time and in the same room, a fact that the mother - rather than trying to conceal - reveals to her son and he, in turn, to his peers.

The youngsters immediately decide to mount a secret camera in the room and record the meetings. 

Things, however, are not always as they seem to be.  How will the group handle the illegally-obtained visual material? How should anyone stand towards other people’s privacy and how can he manage his own unacknowledged secrets?


Cake, 2013

3 male, 1 female

Wind, 2011

2 female

Screen Light, 2011

3 male - 2 female

La poupee, 2008

1 female

Mud, 2004

1 male - 2 female

Disguise, 2003

1 female (Monologue)

A Song, 2014

3 male - 1 female

Butterfly in Well, 2007

1 male - 1 female (3 male - 1 female on video)



The Game of “Reality”


It should be stressed from the very beginning that it is difficult to introduce an art...