The Scarecrow’s Dream (Carecrow), 1984

12 [Minimum number of actors: 6]

Eugene Trivizas

Bill Doublebarrel the hunter puts up a scarecrow. But the scarecrow feels terribly lonely and makes friends with the birds. Soon he allows them to use the lettuce garden as a free selfservice restaurant. In return the birds teach him how to fly. Doublebarrel, suspecting that something is wrong, disguises himself as another scarecrow, and finds out the truth. The scarecrow is put on trial before a jury of hunters and is sentenced to stay in prison until he has constructed 1100 bird cages. Carecrow sets to work to construct the cages, and finally succeeds. But then it suddenly dawns on him that the cages are designed to confine his only friends. With a revulsion of feeling he destroys every single one of them. Carecrow soon has to suffer for his courageous act.




The Knights of the Chips, 1995

14 [Minimum number of actors: 7]

The Piggy Banks and the Golden Rain, 1995

16 [Minimum number of actors: 6]

The Snowman’s Long Journey, 1988

The number of characters depends on the episodes the production will include

The Scarecrow’s Dream (Carecrow), 1984

12 [Minimum number of actors: 6]



Eugene Trivizas appeared in the literary landscape in the 1980s and even though he has been involved with most li...