California Dreamin’, 2001

2 male - 2 female

Vassilis Katsikonouris

Dinos and Aris, two youngsters in their early twenties with no serious ambition for their future, decide to not enlist to the army for their mandatory service and resort, instead, to a “new age” commune in California. Women, joints and a laid-back attitude paint an ideal picture about the life that awaits them in the commune, so long as they can find enough money for the tickets. The solution to their problems appears to be their old uncle, Pepo; never having been married and with hidden money under the mattress, he is the ideal victim. However, nothing is as simple as it seems: first Julie and then Kiki – Aris and Dinos’ respective girlfriends – appear at Pepo’s doorstep, trying to lure him into giving them the money. But uncle Pepo is cunning and the girls accomplish nothing – on the contrary, they are lured by him. Frustrated, the two youngsters decide to test their own luck, but their attempt is equally unsuccessful; two months later, any delusions they had about uncle Pepo will dissolve.







Vasilis Katsikonouris is one of the most significant modern Greek dramatists. His writing and thematic are both substantial and original, and despi...