Demon, 2010

1 female or 1 male - 2 female

Maria Efstathiadi

The polyphonic monologue Demon has as its starting point in Fyodor Dostoyevsky's Demon's, and more particularly the chapter where Stavrogin confesses among others, a heinous act: the rape of little Matriosa and her suicide, which he did not -even though he could- prevent. In Demon, the novelistic truth is overthrown: Matriosa is alive, living in the house Stavrogin passed on to her in Switzerland.  On the day of her suicide, approximately fifty years old, in the turn of the 19th to the 20th century, Matriosa "narrates" through three voices her own version: her love for Stavrogin ever since she was a child, their second meeting when she was 17, the brief yet restless affair until his suicide, and her attachment to him up to her death. A pretense for the power and frenzy of lust to be spoken, the female sexuality and love, and the denial of loss.


The play has been translated in English and in French.




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7 male - 4 female, and other characters

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3 male - 6 female

Demon, 2010

1 female or 1 male - 2 female

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6 male - 6 female

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[Translation: Elina Palaska]


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