Textilen, 2012

3 male - 6 female

Maria Efstathiadi

TEXTILEN is a play on the decomposition of a rich urban family in modern Greece. It is not just the story of a family, but the story if a family within the history of the development of Greek capitalism. An "enactment" of the violent mechanisms of the domestic structure/circumstance, but at the same time, a comment on a society that resembles a cloth that unravels.

The 19 stages of the play are ironically introduced with lyrics from children's songs. Three generations are presented on stage at all times: the grandfather of the generation, the dead grandmother, their drunkard and idle son, his unconscionable and charming wife, their dreamer daughter, sometimes a little girl, sometimes a young woman. This basic core is surrounded by an old housekeeper and the English teacher. Outside and beyond them, a bizarre being, the-man-who-walks, the absent offspring, a constant wanderer, invisible to everyone except the daughter.  Lastly, during the play, there can be heard two anonymous neutral voices (neither male nor female), something like a modern chorus of an ancient tragedy, which takes part in the plot, in the form of questions and answers.



Privatopia, 2013

7 male - 4 female, and other characters

Textilen, 2012

3 male - 6 female

Demon, 2010

1 female or 1 male - 2 female

Intruders, 2010

6 male - 6 female

Disobedience, 2003

1 male – 1 female

An Angel in my Way, 2002

1 female - 1 pianist



[Translation: Elina Palaska]


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