Free Waters, 2012

2 male, 2 female

Yiannis Tsiros

Three days before the signing of a contract for the concession of state waters to a private company, three high school students recruited by a secret organization, undertake the task of detaining an abducted person. He is the younger son of the chairman of the private water company. The terms require a three-day water deprivation to the victim, with a view to prevent the signing for the water concession. The students’ daily contact with the thirsty victim and his torture puts a strain on their conscience, their ideology and the extreme choices of their struggle.


(Theatre for teenagers)


Wild Seed, 2013

2 male, 1 female

Free Waters, 2012

2 male, 2 female

Invisible Olga, 2009

3 male (6 parts) - 1 female

Four Eyes, 2007

5 male, 3 female

Unshaved Chins, 1996

3 male - 1 female

Misery Lectures, 2014

1 male (monologue)



The Revelatory Realism of Yiannis Tsiros


The dispersing circumstances of the recent decades may have favored...