Midnight in a perfect world, 2013

1 male

Alexis Stamatis

Fotis, an acclaimed playwright, has been living for years in his house, almost trapped, along with the DVDs he keeps on his life since the moment he started writing. A ‘whole life material’ that also gave him his ‘writing material’. All of a sudden, he is made an unexpected profitable offer that may change his fate. But in order to write, he has to see the only two DVDs he can’t stand. Those DVDs that for one more time open his old wound.  


Melissia, 2012

3 male – 3 female

Kill your darlings, 2012

1 male – 1 female

Tear Gas, 2011

1 male – 1 female



Alexis Stamatis, the playwright: the internal life of the heroes

His capacity as a playwright is the most recent one in ...