No Trouble, 2001

3 male – 3 female

Nina Rapi

A dark comedy. Tasia is nineteen, all raving and nowhere to go. She’s been unemployed for a year, since she finished high school and lives with her dressmaker grandmother and authoritarian father, in a small Greek border town where jobs and business contracts depend on political affiliations, family connections and bribery.  Her mother died in an accident at mysterious circumstances. Her father, a religious man but accepting of the corruption status quo, is pinning all his hopes for a decent job for his daughter and some business for himself in winning the elections as a local councilor. He’s standing on an anti-immigrration platform in a town feeling ‘under siege’ by the influx of Albanian immigrants. His PR man is Vassilis who is in love with Tasia.

But Tasia is going out with Arif, an Albanian musician/handyman and illegal immigrant, which of course must remain a secret. They work out a plan to seduce grandmother with music and get her to employ Arif as a handyman, so that they can be near each other freely. It works. For a while.

A policeman is killed and a round up of  illegal immigrants is to take place. Arif is in danger of being deported. Tasia urges her father to get him a green card through the ‘back route’. Her father promises to help their handyman but suspicious of her urgent demands, manipulates Arif into revealing his affair with Tasia. Furious, he hands him into the authorities instead.

Tasia turns to her friend Sophie (a nightclub singer and Vassilis’ sister) for help. They hatch a plan which goes terribly wrong. Arif is killed by a guard while he is trying to escape.

Tasia, now feeling totally cut off from her environment, confronts her father about her mother’s death. Unpleasant truths are revealed.  She decides she can no longer live there. She leaves. Her father and his mother continue living with their eternal bond…


Wild Beats, 2014

2 female – 2 male

Kiss the Shadow, 2010

3 female – 3 male – 1 either

Reasons to Hide, 2009

2 male – 3 female

Angelstate, 2015

3 male – 4 female

No Trouble, 2001

3 male – 3 female

Lovers, 2001

1 male – 4 female

Edgewise, 2010

3 male – 3 female

Splinters, 2017

2 male - 2 female

(Un)certainties, 2018

3 male - 2 female



Nina Rapi is one of the very few Greek playwrights whose writing pursuits commenced abroad. Her works include 18 plays written within the last 25 y...