Reasons to Hide, 2009

2 male – 3 female

Nina Rapi

A visceral and lyrical exploration of power and intimacy.

When things get tough, who can you trust?

«Reasons to Hide shows the way in which the increase in national security and surveillance systems impact on the lives of a researcher into terrorism and her politically active friends. At the same time it explores the question of trust and misuse of intimacy in personal relationships.

A couple of references could suggest an English setting (though the authorities are allowed longer detention without charge than currently permitted here). However, the situation could be in any country where the terrorist threat is used for increasingly heavy-handed restriction of personal freedoms as we see the imposition of house-arrest, curtailment of television interview by a 'studio breakdown' and the pressure of threat and intimidation. While the intellectual claims «You can't arrest ideas», the enforcer warns «Our ideas of persuasion are stronger than yours».

Strong political content, presented with great force, framed by a choral opening and closure and beautifully planned transitions from scene to scene.» Howard Loxton, The British Theatre Guide


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Nina Rapi is one of the very few Greek playwrights whose writing pursuits commenced abroad. Her works include 18 plays written within the last 25 y...