The Wedding, 1980

8 male – 5 female

Marios Pontikas

A girl from a lower social class is raped; what follows is the successive "rapes" by the family, the society and those who represent the justice. Her social circle’s hypocritical behavior results in the girl getting married to her rapist and her subsequent immolation. With her entire body burned and wrapped in bandages, she remains silent to the end, refusing to give in to any consensual participation.

The setting of the dramatic narrative is the courtroom, where the events that took place after the rape unfold. In the foreground the same girl, wrapped in gauze and sitting in a gynecologist chair, emerges as a tragic symbol of dignity in the face of different kinds of rape. The acting persons are also the narrators of the story (family, witnesses and judges).



Rationale, 1987

6 male – 5 female

The Wedding, 1980

8 male – 5 female

Spectators, 1979

2 males-2 females



The Persistent Quest of Dramatic Substance


Marios Pontikas’ work constitutes a diverse and multi-dimensional...