Between the seas.Residency opportunity for Mediterranean Performing Artists

  •  Δημοσιεύτηκε στις: 23/03/2018

Between the Seas (, in collaboration with the culture space Kymothoi (, invite Mediterranean artists to spend one week in the gorgeous Mediterranean medieval town of Monemvasia, in Southern Greece, to work and develop their project.


Between the Seas and Kymothoi will offer the selected artist(s) studio space and accommodation for up to one week. During the residency artists will be invited to explore the region and engage with the local community through discussions, workshops and performances. At the end of the residency, artists will present a public performance for the local audiences.


The call is addressed to emerging and established artists from the Mediterranean; or artists from all over the world whose work engages with the Mediterranean (in terms of themes, performance styles and traditions, sociopolitical questions etc).


The town of Monemvasia is a heritage site of unique beauty and history situated right on the Aegean coast, in a predominantly agricultural region at a distance of 4 hours drive from Athens. Our goal with the BTS residency is to enrich the local cultural life in a sustainable way and advocate for international exchange beyond the urban centres, on a people-to-people level. In this context, we are very interested in bringing artists who are driven by a desire to interact and share with the local community and who are open to allowing the landscape to inform their work and creative process.



What is offered by BTS and Kymothoi:


Fully equipped studio space for rehearsals

Accommodation (hotel rooms and/or shared housing)


To be covered by the artist:

Airfare and local transport (Athens-Monemvasia and back)

Daily expenses


To submit, interested artists must send us:


1. A cover letter

2. A description of the project that you plan to work on (please specify what stage of the project’s development are you at and how the residency will help you take it to the next level)

2. A proposal on a workshop/seminar/class you’d like to teach for the local community or other suggestions/ideas of how you’d like to get involved with the local community

3. A proposal of a public performance at the end of the residency (this can be the project you will work during the residency or a different project that you have previously developed)

4. Work samples and bios of the participating artists


A 15 euro application fee applies payable online:


Extended Deadline to March 26


You can send your application by email at with the subject line: BTS Residency


Questions? Email us at